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Test Statistics Fact Sheet - NZ Wool

As New Zealand's leading greasy wool testing facility, NZWTA collects a significant amount of data representing the New Zealand wool clip. Confidentiality of this data is critical to the values and integrity of NZWTA and its customers.

Monthly Testing Statistics

Each month NZWTA produces testing statistics highlighting a number of key parameters. The reports generally demonstrate:

  • the change within the current season of any parameter
  • changes observed over recent seasons

The data is split into 3 sections. For Crossbred wool, the data is analysed and reported independently for the North and South Island. The parameters covered include yield, vegetable matter, micron (fibre diameter) and colour (brightness Y & yellowness Y-Z).

NZ Wool Data Profile

NZWTA has recently completed an analysis of test data from the 2012-13 season. A profile of the NZ clip can be formed from test data indicating the typical distribution for the main tested parameters. It should be noted this information relates only to greasy wool.

NZWTA's website is your source for NZ wool test statistics. The statistics can be viewed online, downloaded or sent directly to your email as they are published from the following links: OR

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For more information:

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