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AWTA Ltd (Australian Wool Testing Authority) is the largest wool testing organisation in the world.

As a consolidated group, AWTA comprises of 3 operating divisions in Australia (AWTA Raw Wool, AWTA Product Testing and Agrifood Technology), its wholly owned subsidiary NZWTA and its joint venture, JinAo Testing Company.


AWTA Ltd is synonymous with the transformation of wool production, marketing, valuing and processing from a reliance on subjective appraisal to objective systems of assessment.

AWTA has played a major role in providing a bridge between the research and the commercial application of testing technology, by facilitating further research and development, sponsoring and participating in practical trials, and developing and implementing relevant national and international standards, procedures, methods and technology, providing major benefits to all segments of the wool industry in Australia and overseas.

As a result:

  • Virtually all Australian wool is now measured prior to sale
  • Wool is prepared for sale according to objective rather than subjective clip preparation standards, with some growers preparing classed lines on the basis of individual fleece measurements
  • Wool is generally displayed for sale in sample boxes rather through the old show floor technique
  • Wool is valued and bought with the aid of actual measurements for Fibre Diameter, Yield, Vegetable Matter Content, Length, Strength and sometimes Colour

Measurement has also facilitated the electronic expansion of data processing and market reporting, and the establishment of auction and individual clip databases which provide unparalleled and exhaustive information to all segments of the industry, with each having equal access to that information on a commercial basis.

Today, wool processors can confidently expect that wool purchased to their price and processing specifications, with the benefit of AWTA certification, will perform to their requirements, and growers are assured of being paid according to the objective specification of their wool.

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