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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Charter

Whilst AWTA Ltd is not a listed company, where applicable to its structure, it follows the ASX’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company, including its strategic direction, major policies and financial objectives. The Board has adopted a Charter that delineates its role and the role of individual Directors. The Corporate Governance Charter and Guide for Directors and Officers is publicly available on the Company’s website.

Corporate Governance Charter

Corporate Conduct & Ethics

The Company recognises that it is vital to it is continuing success that its staff maintain the highest possible reputation for technical expertise, commercial efficiency, impartiality, independence, equal opportunity and professional integrity. To ensure that they are aware of the ethical framework in which they are required to work, each staff employee is required to read and sign the Company’s Corporate Conduct & Ethics Policy. This policy sets broad guidelines for conduct and reflects AWTA Ltd’s corporate “conscience” by promoting the highest levels of behaviour.

Corporate Objectives

Customer service is a central facet of AWTA Ltd's management culture. While this is described in detail in the Company's Mission, Vision and Values statement, it is more succinctly described by the Company's Corporate Objectives, namely:

  • To maintain a national and international reputation for technical expertise, commercial independence and professional integrity.
  • To provide accurate, impartial and efficient sampling, testing, data processing and certification services as required by the wool, other fibre and textile industries at a minimum cost.
  • To enhance the profitability of the Australian Wool Industry by encouraging the optimum application of objective measurement.

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Climate Reporting

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to taking measures to mitigate climate risks. We need to reduce our impact on the climate by reducing our absolute greenhouse gas emissions and by promoting sustainable business practices.

See AWTA’s Climate Statement here: AWTA Climate Statement