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AWTA Raw Wool

logo woolTesting whiteProvides independent and objective wool certification services. Major services are sampling, testing and certifying the yield, fibre diameter, vegetable matter content, staple length and staple strength of greasy wool before it is sold.

Agrifood Technology

logo agrifood whiteAn independent testing laboratory servicing the Food and Feed Industries. Provides analytical testing services to the agricultural industry in various fields and services covering grain, fruit and vegetables, meat, soil, water, fertiliser, plant tissue, processed food, stockfeed and flour milling markets.


logo feedTest whiteProvides accurate and fast feed analysis using the latest Near Infrared (NIR) Technology. FeedTest will assist you to determine the nutritional value of your stockfeed products.

AWTA Product Testing

logo productTesting whiteAn independent materials testing facility available to government instrumentalities, industry and the general public. It possesses a diverse array of specialised testing equipment operated by highly-competent technicians.


logo nzwta whiteNZWTA Ltd is New Zealand’s leading wool and textile testing organisation, providing a comprehensive service to the whole textile industry.


logo jinao whiteAWTA and the Jiangsu Inspection Corporation (JSIC) operate JinAo located in China. JinAo is incorporated with the Industrial Product Testing Centre (IPTC) of CIQ Jiangsu. The laboratory provides a base for reputable and independent testing of products and raw materials.