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Mission, Vision and Values


To assist or promote the development of the pastoral, agricultural, manufacturing and industrial resources of Australia, in particular, by providing independent objective data and information services which will facilitate the efficient production, marketing and processing of wool, other fibres, textile products and related materials.


To maintain a national and international reputation for technical expertise, commercial independence and professional integrity by providing accurate, impartial and efficient sampling, testing and certification services to our customers.


  • To maintain technical excellence, by taking maximum advantage of emerging technologies and providing staff with the knowledge, skills and equipment to improve customer service and lower costs.
  • To ensure commercial independence in all activities.
  • To insist on professional integrity within the Company, by remaining impartial and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • To be alert and responsive, by monitoring and understanding the changing needs of clients.
  • To ensure that a reliable business continuity plan is in place, to minimise disruption to the wool marketing process in the event of a disaster.
  • To foster sound industrial relations, based on mutual respect and recognition of the common interests which are shared with all employees and managerial staff.
  • To aspire to provide a safe and satisfying working environment, which encourages employee participation and is supported by appropriate training and development programs.
  • To seek to meet all legal and moral obligations of a good corporate citizen.
  • To adopt business strategies which transfer cost saving benefits arising from the Company‚Äôs income tax exemption, so as to assist or promote the development of the relevant industrial resources of Australia.