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The objectives for which the Company was established were and are still enshrined in its Memorandum. They include the following:

  1. To promote sales of Australian wool by encouraging the growth and utilisation of objective measurement of wool, particularly by presale testing.
  2. To test wool and other fibres, whether natural or otherwise, and wool products and similar products made wholly or partly from other fibres.
  3. To provide an accurate and impartial testing service based upon internationally recognised testing standards as an aid to efficient wool marketing.
  4. To conduct wool, fibre and textile research and/or to carry out tests on other materials and products where such activities assist or promote the development of the pastoral, agricultural, manufacturing or industrial resources of Australia.
  5. To maximise the net income of the Australian wool industry by encouraging the optimum application of objective measurement of wool by wool growers, brokers, buyers and both local and overseas processors.
  6. To optimise wool industry productivity through research and the implementation of new systems and technology.
  7. To establish, equip and maintain laboratories, workshops and other places suitable for testing and research activities.
  8. To provide and encourage the provision of data processing services aimed at the more efficient marketing of wool.
  9. Generally to promote and foster the more efficient testing of wool as required by the wool and textile industry at a minimum cost.
  10. To provide certificates and make reports in respect of test and research carried out by the Authority.