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Length Testing of Scoured Wool - NZWTA

Length is one of the most critical quality parameter in wool processing, however traditional estimates of staple length are difficult to assess once the wool has been washed and the staples become entangled and less clearly defined. Consequently the Length after Carding (LAC) test was developed to provide a standardised measure of the fibre length of scoured crossbred wool after semi-worsted processing.

Approximately 80% of all exported wool from New Zealand is in scoured form (about 80 million kilograms). The test procedure has been developed into a New Zealand Standard (NZS 8719). The LAC test provides for a certified measurement of Barbe length for the scoured delivery. Additional data on Hauteur length and length distribution are provided. 

Many processing problems or product faults originate from inappropriate specification of raw material. Scoured wool exports of New Zealand crossbred wool commonly have specification requirements for fibre diameter, colour and vegetable matter. Similarly, LAC is a critical parameter due to its important role in processing efficiency and product performance. NZWTA Ltd assists industry sectors looking to improve production/quality and has extensive experience in LAC testing.

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