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AWTA Launches New Websites

AWTA Ltd has launched several new websites representing both the corporate parent company and several of the divisions that form the AWTA group.

The new websites have a simpler, less cluttered design that incorporates some of the modern features that users have come to expect on websites such as scrolling banners. The new layouts are also more suitable for viewing on the increasingly popular tablets or iPad devices.

Each of the AWTA divisions now has its own unique website or URL address whereas previously some of them were sub-sites of the corporate website, resulting in confusing website addresses. The simplest way to locate any of the AWTA divisional websites is to visit the AWTA Corporate website and use the prominent links located in the lower portion of the home page. Alternatively the new AWTA websites can be found at:


FeedTest Webpage 

The AWTA’s Australian wool testing division is now referred to as the “Australian Wool Testing Authority”, reverting to the full title in order to differentiate it from the AWTA Corporate division. The Australian Wool Testing Authority website is yet to be updated but the website address has changed slightly to separate it from the AWTA Corporate website. It can be found by clicking here or by clicking on the “Australian Wool Testing Authority” link on the AWTA Corporate website.

The websites for other divisions NZWTA, JinAo and the Australian Wool Testing Authority are scheduled for update during 2013.