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Exporting food from Australia to China made easier

The export of food from Australia to China is growing at a rapid rate.

The primary increase in demand is for foods such as beef, lamb, dairy, processed foods, fruit and vegetables.

Australia has an excellent reputation for food safety. Australian products have an enviable reputation for being clean, safe and high-quality.

Agrifood Technology provides testing services that are used to ensure and demonstrate food safety. Agrifood Technology specialises in a variety of food safety testing options, including pesticide residue testing, mycotoxin analysis, chemical, virus and microbiological analysis.

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Agrifood Technology’s parent company AWTA has provided the certification that has helped to facilitate the important trade of wool from Australia to China.

CCIC is an independent third party of testing, certification and inspection organization dedicated to providing, inspection, verification, certification and testing services, with its global headquarters in Beijing, China. CCIC Australia is the sole representative of CCIC and a unique organization authorized by AQSIQ to provide services on inspection, quarantine, testing and accreditation services. CCIC is a transnational and the largest organization with the most influential impact in its field. CCIC Australia is one of its overseas operations which provides one stop services for international trade among Australia and China.

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Over many years AWTA has developed an excellent relationship with CCIC and together they have ensured excellent access and smooth trading relationships between Australian exporters and Chinese purchasers.

AWTA and CCIC are committed to extending that relationship to assist the growing trade in food and food products between Australia and China. At a recent China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) in Shanghai, the parties entered into a formal partnership to cooperate both strategically and commercially to develop business and promote dual services.

The objective of this new partnership is to provide testing services that support CCIC and the ease of entry of food and food related products into China.

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