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Update on Fibre Curvature Measurement

Recently, AWTA Ltd’s Raw Wool Laboratories completed a biennial re calibration of all LASERSCAN, OFDA and Airflow instruments as required by the International Wool Textile Organisation, Interwoollabs and NATA as part of part of our ongoing accreditation requirements.  The new series of calibration tops (Interwoollabs Series 22) included 2 new tops at 15.53 μm and 18.73 μm with associated curvature results of 80 and 69 0/mm respectively. 

While there has been no change in the fibre diameter measurement results for LASERSCAN or OFDA we have seen a shift in the uncertified curvature data. The curvature results for high crimped wool above around 85 0/mm have become higher when the curvature correction has been applied. This increase is typically of the order of 25 0/mm and becomes larger as the uncorrected curvature becomes higher.

We are working with other laboratories and Interwoollabs to resolve this issue.

For further information, please view this Fact Sheet - Adjustments to Fibre Curvature Measurement

For further information please contact Mr. David Crowe by email

The graph below demonstrates the relationship between the NEW and OLD Curvature.