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10 year anniversary of JinAo Testing Company

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of JinAo Testing Company, a joint venture between AWTA Ltd and the Jiangsu Inspection Corporation (JSIC), located in Nanjing, China.

JinAo is incorporated with the Industrial Product Testing Centre (IPTC) of CIQ Jiangsu and has the capacity to test a wide variety of materials including textiles, fibres, chemical products, minerals, building materials, bicycles, toys and ceramics. The laboratory holds CNAS and Interwoolabs accreditation, as well as being an authorised test laboratory for many Australian retail stores.


JinAo allows Australian and New Zealand based customers to carry out quality control testing at the origin of manufacture in China, as well as having a local contact for any point of sale issues through AWTA Product Testing and NZWTA Ltd. In addition, JinAo provides testing services directly to Chinese based manufacturers.

AWTA Ltd and JSIC are pleased to announce the continuation of their joint venture agreement, and look forward to continuing to provide a quality service to the clients of JinAo, AWTA Product Testing and NZWTA Ltd.